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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ex-deputy's suit stirs talk of coverup, marijuana


PITTSBORO -- Will a trial scheduled to begin Tuesday in Chatham County Superior Court reveal a cover-up of allegations of racism in the Chatham County School District or reveal whatever happened to all that marijuana?

Many people are speculating about exactly what will come out during testimony at the trial in which former Chatham County Deputy Dan Phillips is suing former Chatham County Sheriff Ike Gray for wrongful termination.

Phillips claims the sheriff fired him Jan. 18, 2001, because he tried to bring attention to racism at a Chatham County high school and because he took an informant to the FBI who had information about thousands of pounds of seized marijuana that went missing from the Chatham County Sheriff's Office.

In February 2000, the Chatham County Sheriff's Office was involved in a drug raid in Siler City that netted 5,000 pounds of marijuana. The sheriff's office seized the marijuana and was supposed to follow proper procedure for logging it in, sending samples off to be tested and destroying the remainder of it.

The sheriff's office put the packages of marijuana in an old army truck and parked the truck behind the sheriff's office. Eight months later when Keck drove the truck to the landfill to bury the marijuana, he discovered that about 4,000 pounds of the marijuana was missing.

Later that day, the remaining marijuana was buried in the landfill. It was later stolen.


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