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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Actor with part in terrorism drill files injury claim

By Tanya Sierra

February 26, 2005

NATIONAL CITY – A La Mesa actor who gave his all playing a part in a mock terrorist attack has filed a $3 million claim against the National City Police Department for injuries he received during the drill.

Donald Ahles II, was one of 15 actors hired to participate in last summer's drill, which was supposed to help emergency response teams prepare for the possibility of an attack on the trolley system in Chula Vista.

Police officers participating in the drill chased Ahles, slammed him to the ground and carried him away by his arms and legs, the claim says.

According to the claim, Ahles suffered multiple fractures to his left knee that required two plates, eight screws and a cadaver-bone graft to repair bone damage. He also said the officers scraped his face across the pavement.


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