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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Frank talk about drugs could do us all some good

Bill McClellan
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

As I have argued before, we would be better off financially if we treated the soft drugs like booze. Regulate and tax them. Give the other stuff away. If you want to be a junkie, be a junkie. We can't stop you, anyway. We've spent billions trying to do it.


  • I fully agree with Bill's point of view on how to end the drug war.

    I also agree with Bill's point of view on the need for candor among our leaders (which he expressed further on into the aritcle.)

    If almost half of Americans surveyed have admitted to using Marijuana, then we can reasonably project that about half of our Elected (or otherwise imposed) Officials have also used Marijuana.

    It's time for all those closeted hypocrites to come out and fess up to being "merely human" when they satisfied their curiosity about experiencing another state of mind.

    Yes, you smoked pot and you became a Senator, or a Representative, or an Agency Secretary or a President or a Judge. Maybe you even became a Czar!!

    Of course, if we had a "National Come Out if You Ever 'Did' Mary Jane Day" the result would more likely be a demonstration of mass political cowardice rather than a demonstration of "leadership" or "candor".


    By Anonymous zen4usa, at 4:19 AM  

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