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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Marijuana advocate to be own lawyer

Staff Writer
Kennebec Journal

SKOWHEGAN -- Donald Christen, an advocate of legalizing marijuana, pleaded innocent in Somerset County Superior Court on Friday to charges of trafficking in and cultivating marijuana.

Christen, the organizer of several yearly pro-marijuana concerts, including Hempstock and Harvest Fest, faces charges of aggravated drug trafficking and aggravated marijuana cultivation.

He may use his case to underscore problems he has with Maine's medical marijuana, according to longtime friend Carroll Cummings.

Cummings said Christen was growing marijuana for several people who qualify for the drug under Maine's medical marijuana law, including Cummings and Pam Christen, Christen's wife, when police arrested him in November.

The law allows patients to grow, possess and use marijuana, but does not provide a mechanism by which they can legally obtain either marijuana plants, seeds or processed marijuana.

Maine Vocals are Activists, dedicated to the re-legalization of Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana through non-violent action, networking and education.


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