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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Teacher Outburst Caught on Tape

By First Coast News Staff (with video)

BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ -- A student caught an electronics teacher on tape yelling at his class and posted it on his personal website.

It happened at Brick Township High School in New Jersey. Corey Zappa recorded it with the video camera on his cell phone.

The teacher, Stuart Mantell, was upset the students were fooling around during the singing of the national anthem. After one student refused to get up for the singing, Mantell pulled his chair out from under him. The School Superintendent says it's within the student's first amendment rights not to stand during the anthem.

Zappa posted the recording on his website. He was suspended for 15 days but school leaders say the videotape isn't the only reason Zappa was suspended. He received a letter saying the suspension was for skipping class and misbehaving in electronics class.

The district won't say whether Mantell would face any punishment for his behavior.

Brick Township Police say they're investigating students for other images caught on tape. The school said it's cooperating with that investigation.


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