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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Aristocracy Syndrome...In Black and White

UAB Police Chief Suspended For Alleged Drunk Driving
Tuesday April 05, 2005 11:19am

Birmingham (AP) - The chief of UAB's police force is on paid leave today. A university spokesman said Monday's action was taken after school officials learned Police Chief Harry Marzette was pulled over Friday night on suspicion of drunken driving.

Dale Turnbough, a school spokesman, said Marzette was stopped by Mountain Brook police on U.S. Highway 280. Mountain Brook Mayor Terry Oden said Marzette was not arrested and was driven home by the officers. He defended the officers and said their actions were in line with department policy.

UAB Police Captain Jimmy Nordan will assume Marzette's duties while school administrators investigate the incident.

Marzette, a former New York City police officer, joined UAB's police force in 1985.

And there you have an actual admission that the ruling class live by a different set of rules than which they apply to the rest of us.

For driving drunk the ordinary citizen gets to spend the night in the "drunk tank", be hauled to court and is made to pay a fine and in some places it is an automatic suspension of drivers license.

I think the police chief should be made to do the same. I don't see how being a police chief makes him any safer than anyone else when driving under the influence of alcohol.

Don't Drink and Drive (Cops Included)


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