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Thursday, April 28, 2005

House backs off plan to siphon drug raid profits

By Associated Press

BOSTON - House leaders backed off a plan Wednesday to siphon a third of money seized during drug raids, bowing to pressure from rank and file lawmakers who said local police departments and district attorneys need the money more than the state.
When House budget writers unveiled their fiscal year 2006 spending plan, they included a proposal to divide up money seized during drug raids with one-third shares going to the local district attorney, local police department, and the state's general fund.
That's a change from current state law, which splits the money between the district attorney and local police department, with each getting half.
The proposed change met with resistance from police chiefs and district attorneys.
While supporters said the change was a chance to bring some accountability to the system, critics said the proposal amounted to a money grab, designed to drain resources from already cash-strapped law enforcement agencies.


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