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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Teen charged as adult in drug case

Clinton Sampson Independent, NC

CLINTON - A 15-year-old was brought up on felony drug charges by Clinton police in connection with an arrest earlier this month in which he was found with 41 grams of marijuana, according to reports.
It has been decided by authorities within the District Attorney's office that the juvenile will face a felony charge, possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, reports state.
The arrest came shortly after 10 p.m., on May 5. While investigating a drug complaint on Tyndall Court, Clinton police Officer Darryl Grady said that a vehicle pulled into the location, then immediately left.
Grady said that he knew the vehicle to be registered to someone with a suspended driver's license. Grady pulled up beside the vehicle and observed the man inside, who he believed was driving.
He stopped the vehicle on Shield Street and found that the man was actually a front seat passenger. The driver's seat was so far to the rear, the driver was hidden, according to reports.
The man who was driving did have an active license. However, once the officer pulled the vehicle over, he found that the back seat passenger was a juvenile who he knew had a probation curfew of 7 p.m., reports state.
He asked the 15-year-old boy to step out of the vehicle and the juvenile started "pulling his pants up and putting something down the front of his pants," according to reports by Grady.
After consenting to a search, Grady patted the area the boy had been pulling at and felt a plastic bag. The officer removed the bag and it contained marijuana, according to reports.
The boy was then detained by police. When he was searched further, two small bags of marijuana were found in his right shoe, reports state. Approximately 40.9 grams of the drug was seized from the boy, along with $25.
The 15-year-old, a resident of Clinton and a student at the alternative school, was transported to the Clinton Police Department, processed and released to his mother.
On Thursday, Grady said, he spoke with Assistant District Attorney Robbie Thigpen and was advised to pursue felony charges against the teen.


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