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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Congressman Everett's Med Pot Position..."Go Live in Another Country"

Alabama medical cannabis patient Laura Campbell was busy the last few days calling, faxing and emailing her Alabama Congressmen in Washington D.C. asking for their support on the Hinchey/Rohrbacher Amendment.

After the vote on June 15, 2005 Laura placed additional calls to the offices of Alabama Congressmen asking how they voted. She sent this out to the list last night.

It has taken me a couple of hours to digest this piece of information. I am still very upset by it. When I was calling around to see how everyone voted today I spoke with an Allison in Congressman Everett's office.

I told her why I was calling and she told me that there standings were no legalizing marijuana for any reason whatsoever.

I told her my story and she asked if there was no medicine I could take for my pain. I told her there was not and she said it was their office standing on cases like mine is that the patients are not looking hard enough for their treatment and we are lying about our illness just to use an illegal substance.

I told her I was the exception to the rule and I had no other options and that my biggest fear was surgery or an injury with nothing to manage the pain with!

Her suggestion to me was" not to have surgery and not to have and accident."And if I wanted to live such a" lifestyle" I could leave the country.

I don't remember but I don't think I choose to have a sick and painful lifestyle. Like I said I am still very upset. I did not get angry with them or shoot of at the mouth but man I wanted to. What actions , if any, should I take about this crap?

This kind of conduct is UNACCEPTABLE.

Mr. Everett YOU WORK FOR US and if anyone leaves anything it will be you vacating that cozy seat in Congress.


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