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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Marijuana Found at Elementary School


The Washington County Sheriff's Department has discovered a single marijuana plant.

However, it's not the quantity, but rather the location where it was growing, that has parents upset.

Recess at Bartlett Elementary: children swinging, playing basketball and only a few feet away, a marijuana plant is growing.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says, "This could've been one plant or one of several. We do not know."

Mincks says a custodian noticed the plant on Wednesday and reported it to Principal Stephanie Starcher.

The Sheriff's Department was called out to destroy the plant and search for more like it.

Mike and Stephanie Sydenstricker live only one block away from the school. The two have three girls. One is in 4th grade, the other two will be at Bartlett Elementary soon.

Stephanie says she is concerned over the discovery.

"To have it in the area that close, and my girls are outside all the time."

Sheriff Mincks says this is not a natural-growing plant. He believes it was part of an indoor growing operation that someone had transferred, but who did it?

"I don't have an idea who would've done it, but it's hard to tell. There's all kinds of young kids (driving age) who are playing basketball," Mike Sydenstricker guesses.

"I would say it is probably someone who is familiar with the area, because what they do after they move them outside is they have to be taken care of," says Sheriff Mincks.

Run for the hills! It's a weed!
This story is complete with amusing video.

The government's deliberate campaign of demonization coupled with harm maximization produces this kind of irrational, superstitious anti-weed hysteria.
What was the weed gonna do, jump up out of the ground and force the children into prostitution?
If you stood in that schoolyard and pointed in any random direction you would most likely be pointing at something more toxic and potentially harmfull to the children than the herb. This includes the dirt they are standing on and the clothes they are wearing.


  • what stupid parinoid behaivor.

    Whose to say that a bird didn't eat that seed in the wild and then deposit it near the school

    By Blogger teeitup63, at 5:42 PM  

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