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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Medical Marijuana Plan B

I was out of town on the day the Supreme Court handed down the Raich Opinion and still have not had time to fully analyze the decision.

One thing really jumps out at me and that is;

The Supreme Court acknowledged the medicinal value of cannabis

Pete Guither over at DrugWarRant has been covering this issue in depth from the very beginning so I am going to send you to his site for some of the the very best coverage on the net as well as recommended action.

I take the Pledge!

Also visit The Drug Policy Alliance website and contact your US Congressman to demand support for The Hinchey/Rohrabacher Amendment which would cut all federal funding for raids on patients, caregivers and physicians in states where medical marijuana is legal.

I'll write more on the decision when I have had more time to absorb it.


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