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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Farmers low at hemp ban for cows

By Alan Little
BBC News, Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein milk farmers have been stirred up by a government ban on their feeding hemp to their cattle.

They are the most chilled-out, laid-back, carefree cattle in the world, and happy cows produce better milk.

What is it that keeps the cash cows calm? Hemp, which is related to cannabis. And that's why Liechtenstein has banned its use.

This has in turn enraged the country's dairy farmers, who say that the hemp relaxes those jangly bovine nerves.

Hemp farmers are less then mellow about the new law.

"Hemp is good for cows because it is serves as a very small tranquiliser," says hemp farmer Jean-Pierre Egger.

"Many of the cows are stressed nowadays. If they eat hemp, they calm down. Now, a milk cow which is calm produces better milk. That is a fact."


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