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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New name for 'war on terror'


The Bush administration is abandoning the phrase "war on terror" to better express the fight against al-Qaeda and other groups as an ideological struggle as much as a military mission.

While the slogan - first used by President George W Bush in the wake of the 9/11 attacks - may still be heard from time to time, the White House says it will increasingly be couched in other language.

In recent days, senior administration figures have been speaking publicly of "a global struggle against the enemies of freedom", and of the need to use all "tools of statecraft" to defeat them.

Well, good. Maybe they will rename the "War On Drugs" also. Reckon what they will call it? A global struggle against the enemies of sobriety?

The country's top military officer spoke in a similar vein on Monday.

General Richard Myers told a meeting at the National Press Club: "The long-term problem is as much diplomatic, as much economic, in fact more diplomatic, more economic, more political than it is military.

"And that's where the focus has to be in the future."

Too bad they continue to seek a military solution against American Citizens suspected of disregarding the Schedule of Controlled Substances in the privacy of their own homes.


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