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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Suitland High School student seeks $5 million in police brutality suit

Business Gazette, MD

A Suitland High School student alleges he was assaulted by a county police officer in September 2004, according to a lawsuit filed in Prince George's County Circuit Curt Tuesday seeking $5 million in damages.

The lawsuit, filed by Upper Marlboro attorney Jimmy Bell on behalf of Maurice Thomas, names the county, the school board and Officer Kenneth S. Goodwin II.

According to the suit, on Sept. 27 Goodwin approached Thomas in the hallway of Suitland High School and told him to remove his headphones, then grabbed them and destroyed them after Thomas asked if the property would be returned to him later.

Goodwin grabbed Thomas, threw him into a classroom and then grabbed Thomas by the neck and slammed him into a wall, according to the lawsuit.

It said that Thomas sustained injuries that required hospital treatment from damage to his right eye socket, throat, neck and shoulders.

Bell said Thomas presented no threat to the officer and was the victim of an illegal and brutal attack.

"There was no reason for the officer to put his hands on him," Bell told The Gazette. "He presented no threat to him."


  • i really think it would help a lot if they would make those half witted moron idiot cops start paying a percentage of the lawsuits they get their county involved in,, it might make them think a little, which is all they can do anyway

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:34 PM  

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