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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Web sites selling marijuana and paraphernalia proliferate

Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON - (KRT) - The world of marijuana trafficking once existed mostly in shady places where the right dealers hung out or in exotic locales such as Amsterdam. But technology, which has revolutionized almost every other aspect of our world, has changed that.

Now, a simple Google search reveals a universe of online pot, including hundreds of Web sites offering to sell marijuana and paraphernalia such as bongs and marijuana seeds as well as free, detailed directions for growing marijuana.

Canada has rapidly become a major supplier of potent varieties of marijuana with names such as Quebec Gold and BC Bud. The cultivation and sale of the plant is estimated to be at least a $7-billion-a-year industry in Canada, according to the National Post Business magazine, a Canadian journal.

Marc Emery, a Canadian marijuana activist, claims to have sold at least 4 million pot seeds through his Web site. "We have never heard of anyone ever having a problem as a result of ordering or receiving seeds from us," his site declares.


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