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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Drug Truth Update


PLEASE NOTE: This email contains links to all our shows for the next week. No additional updates will be sent till August 17th!!!

Century of Lies features: interviews with Siobahn Reynolds, president of the Pain Relief Network to discuss the DEA's journey into the practice of medicine, Judge James P. Gray author of "Why The Drug Laws Have Failed", Jean Marlowe of the Womens Organization for National Prohibition Reform, Phil Smith with the Corrupt Cop Story, Loretta Nall of the US Marijuana Party to discuss Canada's Marc Emery, busted by the US DEA for selling seeds to Americans and the Guru of Ganja, Mr. Ed Rosenthal to discuss the recent (and astounding) findings of the International Cannabis Research Society conference.

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My part in this comes in a little less than three quarters of the way through. I mince no words on Tandy.

Cultural Baggage features interviews with Chris Fabricant, a defense attorney and author of "Busted - Drug War Survival Skills", an interview done with two recent "guests" of the Harris County jail (Gulag City is RIGHT), Doug McVay with Drug War Facts, Winston Francis with "the Official Government Truth", Glenn Greenway with the "Poppygate" report, Marc Emery discusses his bust for selling seeds to Americans, and a chance to "Name that drug by it's side effects."

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4:20 Drug War News now online for 08/15/05 to 08/21/05

Monday 08/15/05 Siobhan Reynolds of Pain Relief Network

Tuesday 08/16/05 Judge James P. Gray

Wednesday 08/17/05 Corrupt Cop Story, Drug War Facts

Thursday 08/18/05 "Official" Govt. Truth + Poppygate Report

Friday 08/19/05 Harris County Jail Horrors, First-Hand Accounts

Saturday 08/20/05 Jean Marlowe of Womans Organization for National Prohibition Reform

Sunday 08/21/05 Loretta Nall on hypocrisy in the drug war

NOTE: CENTURY OF LIES hits the airwaves again, this and every Friday afternoon. Live on KPFT Houston's Pacifica affilitate at 2 PM Central at

Please let me know if you carry C.O.L., so I can produce you a fresh program when KPFT is on pledge drive, 8/26. We will provide a fresh Century of Lies on that date for the known affiliates.

Listen to Cultural Baggage Live on Friday, August 12, 7 PM CT
Guests: Chris Fabricant, attorney & author of "Busted- Drug War Survial Skills" + Jail Scandal Revealed

NEXT WEEK: Both Century of Lies and Cultural Baggage will feature interviews with politicians and other speakers from the forthcoming "Journey For Justice" march on the White House. "Mass protest against mass incarceration" To learn more, please visit

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