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Sunday, September 25, 2005

DEC to help the children

Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil, IA

The prospect of armed men wearing black facemasks storming into your home is frightening. Imagine what it must look like to a child.

But those armed men only show up to a home when it has been identified as a drug house. Those men may be that child's only salvation, and that is where the Iowa Alliance for Drug Endangered Children comes in.

A decontamination trailer from Polk County's DEC was on display at Ameristar Casino-Hotel during "Meth Affects," a training seminar offered by the Iowa Department of Human Services, on Friday.

Prairie Meadows Racetrack, the Division of Narcotics Enforcement and the Polk County Sheriff's Department and County Attorney Office purchased the $22,000 trailer that is used at drug bust sites where children are involved.

The trailer contains showers to wash off chemicals, a television and various toys and blankets to comfort children. The trailer can also be a place where multiple interviews of the child can occur.

Sens. Tom Harkin and Charles Grassley both support the program, and have earmarked federal dollars for Iowa DEC.


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