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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ex-Inmate Sues Texas for Alleged Gang Rapes

By Tracy Stokes, Staff Writer

Posted Sept.21, 2005 – An eight-man, six-woman jury has been seated in federal court in Wichita Falls, Texas in the civil trial of a a former inmate who alleges state prison officials ignored his pleas for help when he was repeatedly raped.

In opening statements Tuesday, attorneys for 37-year-old Roderick Keith Johnson argued how their client was also sold as a sex slave by other inmates, The Houston Chronicle reports.

Johnson's suit describes how he was sexually assaulted almost every day for 18 months and how gang members negotiated fees of $5 to $10 for sex with him. "He was told that if he refused, he would be beaten and killed." The suit also charges that the prison's all-White classification committee told him "he needed to learn to fight" or find a defender.


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