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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fatal police shootings are on unprecedented pace

By Andrew Marra
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fatal police shootings, usually a rarity in Palm Beach County, have surged to become an almost monthly occurrence with seven in the past eight months.

Officers have pulled the trigger on a variety of targets, including teens in fleeing vehicles, suspects accused of reaching for weapons and unstable men who apparently wanted to die.

The sheriff's office also has been criticized for not releasing more information about a fatal shooting during a federal drug operation in West Palm Beach in early August. Sheriff's deputies are investigating a Jupiter officer's decision to shoot and kill Donovan Brooks, 40, on Aug. 5 in a motel parking lot.

In an extraordinary move, the sheriff's office has refused to identify the officer or reveal the apparent reason for the shooting. A spokesman said the officer's identity was being protected for his own safety, and circumstances surrounding the shooting were not being released because the Drug Enforcement Administration asked the agency not to make those details public.


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