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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Ugly Truth About Drugs

Libby over at LastOneSpeaks has a great article on The ugly truth about drugs.

Can you say BINGO?!?!

Thanks to Paul von Hartmann for passing on the link to this fabulous article from the health website News Target. Mike Adams nails the drug policy myths in this lengthy piece. Here's a few of the money grafs.

Fact is, we are a nation of drug addicts. We drug ourselves, our elderly and our children on a daily basis. We do it with prescription medications, over-the-counter pills, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine... and we say it's all fine because those drugs are legal.

What medical symptoms does Ritalin treat, then? What measurable physiological state is addressed with Ritalin? There are none, of course. Ritalin is an authority drug. It keeps children in line. It makes teachers feel less stress and parents feel less guilt. Ritalin is a mind-altering narcotic, and yet millions of children are on it today. Its purpose is not to help children, but to make life more convenient for those who manage children.

Here's the raw, blunt truth about the war on drugs. Drugs are declared legal or illegal based primarily on who benefits from their manufacture, distribution and sale.

Think about it: if prescription drugs were peddled by street dealers instead of doctors, and if all that revenue changed hands in a non-taxable, non-corporate structure (i.e. street cash), then you'd be seeing full-scale law enforcement action against the makers, distributors and sellers of those drugs. You'd also see endless headlines about how dangerous they were: "Street painkillers kill twelve in South Miami!"

Every drug that's legal is legal for one simple reason: somebody in a position of power is keeping it legal because they're getting a cut.

You see, corporate America doesn't really care what you put in your mouth, up your nose, through your lungs or into your veins, as long as they get a cut from it. That's the whole prescription drug racket in a nutshell: it's billions of dollars in annual profits generated from mind-altering (yet legal) drugs that flat-out kill people. Lots of people. Like 100,000 Americans a year (or a lot more if you believe more critical statistics).

The DEA is properly named, by the way. It's the Drug Enforcement Agency. It's enforcing drugs. The right drugs. The legal drugs. The drugs that make money for drug companies, drug distributors, drug retailers, cities, states and countries. It's enforcement at gunpoint, and as long as the money keeps flowing, the drugs will stay perfectly legal, regardless of who dies.

The entire distribution system is well in place: the false and misleading television advertising, the outright bribery of drug dealers (doctors), the street corner fulfillment centers (pharmacies), and the coordinating drug lord running the show (the Fraud and Drug Administration). It's a brilliant system for manufacturing, promoting, delivering and selling deadly, addictive drugs to children, adults and seniors while generating corporate profits and tax revenues for cities, states and nations.

It's the three P's. Prohibition, profit and power. As long as the first is in place, the other two will be used to reinforce government control over your personal choice. Read the whole thing.


  • goddamn loretta, why do you have to copy the latest popular bullshit everybody loves to regurgitate about ritalin but really have no idea about it?

    my nephew is adhd and man he needs ritalin.
    his parents keep him off it during the summer, but he has to have it to even attend school.

    i wish you could take care of him for a week when he's off ritalin.
    you would change your mind if you ever really saw a case that required it.
    but you haven't.
    you have never worked with children like that.
    you have absolutely no experience with this drug.

    now my nephew is a full grown adult, with adult strength.
    just 18.
    you couldn't deal with him hun. i know that.

    you want all drugs legal except ones that give you a political boost for being against them.

    my dad did ritalin in the 1950's for a short period.
    it really helped him.

    yes loretta, things did happen before you were born, as hard as it is for young people these days to grasp. not that you are that young, you just act like it.

    why is so new to young uninformed people?

    quit being such an alarmist.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:46 AM  

  • And how is it that you think you know what kind of children I have and have not had experience with oh anonymous commenter?

    Perhaps if you can clear that up then we might continue this discussion.

    If you can't then you are just a B.S.'er who thinks they have something important to say but is too stupid to realize that they actually do not.


    By Blogger Loretta Nall, at 11:26 AM  

  • i guess it would be because the fact that what you post about ritalin is second hand bullshit.
    fed to you just like the government feeds similar bull. it's just turned around a bit.

    man i'm for the cause, but there many drugs that work.

    you have no experience with handycap children, i know that.

    will you refute it?

    look, i'm not the word mechanic that you are. nor do i have access to such advisors that you have.

    but anybody that has delt with a real ad kid wouldn't post bullshit about ritalin.

    it's all well and fine to get a common entity to hate, like big pharms.

    all through history it is how people have gotten into power, get a common hate going. fine.

    but ritalin works for adhd, morphine works for spinal deteriation pain.
    many other drugs work for many things.

    yes weed works for some of these maladies as well.
    not as effective as some, more effictive in some other cases.but it works.

    many drugs work, don't pick and choose based on what you think people want to hear.


    yes anon.
    you know and state how americans are persecuted, yet you blanch at an anon?

    keep squaking.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:02 PM  

  • >>> you have no experience with handycap children, i know that.
    will you refute it?<<<

    No. You do not KNOW that. If you did you would not have asked me to refute it.

    And No. I will not refute it.

    Heres why:

    When making a charge against another it is not the burden of the one the charge is being made against to prove their innocence but in fact is the burden of the one making the charge to prove that it is grounded in fact and that what they say is true.

    Also, I, personally never said

    "All pharmaceutical drugs are bad and useless."

    That would be both crazy and untrue. I agree with the author of the article posted that ritalin is over-prescribed because it benefits the teachers and parents of inquisitive children who can be taxing on the nerves.

    Now that I have had experience with. It consisted of my daughters kindergarten teacher first suggesting I lift the corporal punishment ban I have in place at the school and let them beat my child into submission and when I declined that lovely offer I was then told that I needed to take by 5 year old to the doctor and have her put on Ritalin so that she would be easier to control.

    I declined that offer too.

    A few months later my daughter was the first 5-year-old to ever be accepted into the gifted program at her school.

    Would that have happened if I had caved in and drugged her because her lazy ass teacher did not want to do her job?

    I think not.

    Another point is this:

    Every kid who has gone over the edge and blasted their classmates and teachers in schools across this country were on either ADD/ADHD drugs or they were on anti-depressants.

    So while not all drugs are bad they are even further from all good.

    Remember that.

    By Blogger Loretta Nall, at 5:27 PM  

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