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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Calif. Inmate Seeks Release of Stuffed Dog

By Associated Press
October 14 2005

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- It's not unusual to for inmates to write letters to local newspapers, but they're not usually calling for the release of a stuffed dog named Freckles.

Gina Phillips, who is serving time in a Kern County jail on a drunken driving charge, wrote to The Bakersfield Californian asking for help getting her 7-year-old daughter's toy back.

Authorities impounded Phillips' car during the arrest in September. The car is parked at AV Towing in the Mojave area. Only a car's owner is allowed inside the vehicle, a spokeswoman for the towing company said. And the car is not registered to Phillips, the woman told the newspaper.

"She would just like something familiar," Vi Richards said of her granddaughter. "Everything's all new to her just now."

The girl is living with her grandmother while Phillips is in jail. She has had Freckles since she was 2.


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