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Monday, October 17, 2005

John Tyson for A.G.?

Well folks things continue to get curiouser and curiouser down here in Bamaland.

Mobile District Attorney, John Tyson, (who is notorious for seriously throwing the book at people and then proceeding to beat them about their head and shoulders with it,) has decided that 25,000 people in prison under his prosecution is plenty, Thank You, and he has had a change of heart and now wants to "prevent" crime (which is not his job, mind you).
When you look a it there is little incentive for him to "prevent" crime. Less crime means less work and money for him.

To prevent crime he intends to drug our troubled youth with prescription chemical lobotomy drugs.

He is basically moving his support from the nanny/police state to the theraputic state, which is no better in any way.

Don't buy into it Alabama.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson Jr. announced Monday night that he will run for attorney general next year on a platform that seeks to prevent crime rather than just prosecuting it.

Speaking to the Montgomery County Democratic Party, Tyson said he had planned to have a formal campaign announcement shortly after Labor Day, but Hurricane Katrina wrecked those plans.

"You might as well consider this an announcement," he said.

Tyson, 53, is the first Democrat to announce plans to run for the seat held by Republican Troy King, who was appointed by Gov. Bob Riley in March 2004 and plans to seek a full term next year.

As a district attorney for 11 years, Tyson and his staff have been responsible for more than 25,000 felony convictions, but he said he has learned there is more to stopping crime than just prosecuting cases.


No Child Left Undrugged GNN
President Bushs’ plan to screen every person in the USA for “mental illness” and his initiative called The “New Freedom Commission on Mental Health” which specifically targets school children, is nothing short of a windfall and coup for Americas second largest industry, Pharmaceutical drugs. Better living through chemistry they say.


  • Drugging the people is one of Howard Dean's favorite things to do. Beware, Howard Dean is head of the Democratic National Committee. Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont, passed a Forced Drugging Act Law where by you can be drugged with psychotropic medications before you are ever allowed to have an attorney, so you are dragged into court drugged up on prescription drugs, without having seen an attorney first. Howard Dean is dangerous in my opinion. While Howard Dean was Governor of Vermont, Vermont became the state with about the 2nd highest use of Ritalin for children, even though Vermont is the 2nd smallest state. The Democratic Party under the leadership of Howard Dean is an extremely dangerous entity in my opinion. Howard Dean received campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies and that is a public record.

    By Blogger votecris2006, at 9:34 PM  

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