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Monday, October 17, 2005

Success Formula: Friends at the Top

The Ledger, FL

Hard-working correctional professionals deserve a leader who doesn't encourage a spoils system for promotions. How to get ahead in corrections: Have friends at the top. Make it a family affair. Help politicians get elected. Swing a mean bat.

How else to explain the meteoric rise of Allen Clark -- a high school dropout with a terrible disciplinary record -- from correctional officer to director of one of Florida's four prison regions?

Clark, who resigned just as an FBI-Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation of DOC was gaining steam, appears to have had one overriding qualification for his rapid advancement through the ranks; a fast friendship with Corrections Secretary James Crosby.

That Clark was also an enthusiastic campaign worker for Republican candidates, including Gov. Jeb Bush, likely didn't hurt him either. Nor the fact that he is said to be a passionate softball player in an organization that values its softball teams.


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