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Saturday, October 15, 2005


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Crew members of the two boats told Hennepin County Sheriff's detectives that they saw passengers photographing at least two separate sex acts as other partygoers watched and cheered during a Vikings party on Oct. 6, said Stephen Doyle, the charter company's lawyer.

"They talk in fairly extensive detail about ... a couple of different acts one specifically in front of the bar that involved at one point a male and female, and another point in time, two females and some sex toys," Doyle said.

"People were standing around and photographing that, and photographing it fairly closely. There was cheering from the passengers on the boat and there were people shouting directions as to what things they wanted to see."

The crew members were unable to recall whether the people who took pictures were Vikings players or other passengers. At least 90 people were on board the boats, and 17 have been identified as Vikings players.

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