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Friday, October 14, 2005

Women thwart marijuana garden thieves

By GREG WELTER - Staff Writer
Enterprise-Record, California

A woman legally growing marijuana for medicinal purposes on property near East Third and Mangrove avenues fended off an armed man who tried to pull the plants through slats in a fence.

He had uprooted one and was attempting to steal more when the woman heard boards being torn away and confronted him from the other side of the fence.

As they each pulled on a plant, the male allegedly brandished a small-caliber handgun and told the woman "I have a gun," said Sgt. Dennis Cooley, with the sheriff's Special Enforcement Unit.

"I don't care. You can't have my medicine," she reportedly replied.

The woman prevailed in the struggle and the suspect ran toward a waiting vehicle with two occupants. As they started to drive away, the victim's mother tried to grab the car's open door, but was knocked to the ground.

The victim's dog "Brutis" ran after the suspects, but was struck and killed by a vehicle unrelated to the incident.

The suspect fled in a vehicle described as teal green Geo Metro four-door sedan.

Anyone with information about the strong-arm robbery is asked to call the sheriff's Special Enforcement Unit at 538-7389.

Poor Brutis


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