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Thursday, October 13, 2005

No Child Left Behind
US Department of Education

White House
House-Proud Town Mouse Espouses Punitive Program Purporting to Whip the Peasant Population into Shape

Transforming the Federal Role in Education So That No Child is Left Behind

New Kansas Ed Commissioner Among Skeptics on "No Child Left Behind" WIBW, KS - Oct 6, 2005

Even in some Republican bastions, there are growing doubts about the federal No Child Left Behind education reform law championed by President Bush.

Count Kansas' new education commissioner among the skeptics.

Commissioner Bob Corkins said he's worried that the law is overly burdensome.

It requires all students to be proficient in reading and math by 2014 and measures schools on how well they're making progress each year toward those goals.

Some critics contend the law is unrealistic, that some students won't ever be proficient. Others think it represents too much federal intrusion.

Corkins is in the latter camp. He said during an interview he'd like to explore with the State Board of Education getting the federal government to loosen up.

Selling Children to the Feds @ 6.5 Cents on the Dollar
by Linda Schrock Taylor

No Child Left Behind in Birmingham text and audio


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