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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Woman Claims Cop Conducted Illegal Body Cavity Search
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During the traffic stop on a street corner in Edgewater, an anonymous caller told police that Debi stuffed something down her pants. When asked, Debi told officers that she was hiding crack cocaine in two small bags and the officer searched Debi's genital area right on the street, she said.

In her lawsuit, Debi claimed Edgewater police violated her constitutional rights when a female officer conducted what Debi's attorneys call an illegal strip search and an illegal search of her body cavity.

Debi said during the search, she was naked below the waist for anybody on the road to see.

Essentially, Edgewater's police chief said the crack-carrying woman lied about what happened on the street corner.

"We are maintaining that we never pulled this woman's pants down or remove any clothes to recover these drugs," said Keogh. He maintains that the officer didn't do a body cavity search.

But the fact is, the police department's own report contradicts the chief's statements. In the report, the officer admitted to using "two fingers" when she "pulled out" one of two small baggies from inside the woman's genital area.


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