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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Suspect in raid: Police came in firing at dogs

By Seth Burkett
The Decatur Daily, AL

"When my mother's dog came running towards us, they shot him, shot him in the back. They shot my brother's dog twice. She tried to get up on her side and didn't even make it up onto her side before they blew her brains out all over the floor."

"They wanted to shoot my dog so bad. I had a gun aimed at me because me and my boyfriend were sitting together on the couch, and my dog jumped over the couch and got behind us. ... They were telling us to get out of the way so they could shoot her," she said.

"I got the pet carrier and couldn't get the dog to come out. My dog used the bathroom on herself," she said.

The raid left the carpet riddled with bullet holes and soaked with blood and urine from where the dogs wet themselves in fear, she said. Her dog is still nervous from the incident and refuses to eat, she said.

When will we stop these violent home-invading drug gangs that are terrorizing our communities and robbing our citizens? Once these thugs have violated your home you will never feel safe again. I believe citizens should have the right to defend their homes against intruders. Period.


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