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Monday, October 03, 2005

Moss' boyfriend released after implant against drugs found on him

EiTB, Spain

British police on Sunday questioned Pete Doherty, the rock musician boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss, in connection with a drug raid before freeing him on bail.

Doherty, 26, walked out of a police station in Telford, central England Sunday evening after spending most of the day in police custody.

Officers arrested him in a drug raid Saturday after a concert by his band Babyshambles in the nearby town of Shrewsbury.

Doherty told reporters that police had mistaken an implant in his abdomen - aimed at preventing him from taking drugs - for "hard stuff."

The musician has reportedly been in and out of rehabilitation for drug abuse.

Doctors can implant a generic medication into a drug addict's abdomen that blocks the brain chemicals that make the addict feel good after taking drugs like heroin.

"It's just some sort of mistake, that's all," Doherty said. Unbuttoning his trousers to show photographers the implant in his lower abdomen, the star quipped: "It's just a prescribed thing. It's for an implant and they thought it was 'hard stuff.'"


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