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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Police Brutality Is An Act Of Terrorism

The Chattanoogan, TN
Letter to the Editor
posted October 19, 2005

The recent video scenes from New Orleans, of the police beating an unarmed citizen, serve to document that police brutality is alive and well. Unfortunately, most of the incidents are not video taped and in many cases the victim is unable to recount his side of the story, because he is killed. For example, in the recent death of Patrick Lee in Nashville, we only have the police officer’s side of the story because Mr. Lee is dead.

Wake up America. Police brutality is an act of terrorism that occurs on our soil in America. How many more people will have to be beaten or killed before these criminal acts are taken seriously and the killers are held accountable.

I would be the first to admit that I believe there are police officers who serve and protect, but there are also criminals working as police officers who hide behind the uniform and badge. In these instances, police continue to bury the facts and families continue to bury the bodies of their sons, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, daughters and others.

I am amazed that the police officers who serve and protect will not speak out against these criminal officers who are ruining the integrity of the profession. The blue wall of silence and protection is high and strong and extends far into the system that was established to advocate for justice.

Oct. 22 is the annual national day set aside to protest police brutality. I ask you to join me and other family members from all of the United States who grieve the homicidal deaths of their loved ones because of the senseless and cruel act of police brutality.

Dr. Loretta P. Prater


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