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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nandor will no longer front on cannabis reform

Radio New Zealand
Posted at 7:08pm on 15 Nov 2005

Returning Green MP Nandor Tancozs will no longer speak for the party on cannabis law reform.

The role will instead be taken on by fellow MP Metiria Turei, and Mr Tanczos will pick up the Environment portfolio.

Mr Tanczos, who has been a strong advocate for decriminalising cannabis, has returned to Parliament in the place of the late Greens co-leader Rod Donald.

He says he has become a barrier to cannabis law reform and no matter how moderate or sensible a proposal he put forward on cannabis, people opposed it because they disliked him.

Mr Tanczos says some people could not see beyond cannabis law reform, to other issues he was talking about.

He is expected to be sworn in as an MP on Thursday.


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