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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Texas man sentenced in two-ton pot bust in Indiana


MARION, Ind. A South Texas man has been sentenced to four years in federal prison on drug charges resulting from an Indiana raid that turned up more than two tons of marijuana.
Raul Resio is the first of eleven defendants from raid near Marion, Indiana, to be sentenced. The 52-year-old man will serve his time in a prison near his hometown of Mathis, Texas, then spend five years on probation.

He was sentenced Monday in federal court in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Court records show police caught Resio and ten others transferring more than 350 bales of marijuana between two trucks at a home in October of 2004.

Wow, four years for two tons? While I think it is wrong for anyone to be branded a criminal for possessing plant material, it's interesting to compare this guy's sentence to what we get in Alabama.
Being caught twice with any measurable amount of pot in Alabama gets you over eight years in prison. The average was six a couple of years ago but it keeps rising. So let's say you had one gram of pot (two-fifths of what a penny weighs), you rolled it into two joints and you were caught with each of them in seperate incidents. Your punishment in Alabama, as measured by the weight of the pot and the resulting sentence, will be roughly four million times as harsh as what this fellow got.


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