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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Van Hollen Campaign: Falk Dangerous to Law Enforcement, WI
Press Release

(MADISON) – Attorney General candidate and former U.S. Attorney JB Van Hollen today said the entry of Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk into the race for attorney general poses a threat to serious law enforcement and protecting the safety and security of Wisconsin families.

“Now is not the time to get soft on crime. Drugs are ravishing our neighborhoods and communities yet Kathleen Falk wants to let drug pushers off the hook,” Van Hollen said. “Wisconsin needs a serious ‘top cop’ to combat the scourge of Methamphetamine and the criminals who prey on our children. People on the frontlines of fighting crime will quickly see why Falk’s candidacy can be dangerous for law enforcement and the safety of our families.”

As a candidate for governor, Falk proposed a “program” to place non-violent drug offenders in the community instead of prison, although many drug offenders are drug manufacturers, burglars and thieves. In addition, Falk has said she is open to legalizing marijuana

“It’s absurd that Falk aspires to the state’s top law enforcement leader and at the same time legalize drugs,” Van Hollen said. “I’m looking forward to asking her why she thinks marijuana should be freely in the hands of pushers and abusers. I want to ask her why she thinks drug offenders who prey on our kids should be roaming the streets. I’m looking forward to that debate.”


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