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Saturday, December 10, 2005

AirGATE Develops VoIP System for Inmate Telephones

TMCnet VoIP Minute Watch Columnist

AirGATE Technologies, Inc. announced on Thursday that it developed a VoIP add-on module for telephones in correctional facilities. "Inmates make over 1,000,000 collect phone calls per day, and VoIP can provide greater efficiency and reduce costs," noted the company's news release.

AirGATE will upgrade the correctional facility phones with VoIP modules. The modules come in two different versions: wired and wireless. Both of these modules are add-on units. The wired module requires power-over-Ethernet (POE) and the wireless module requires a power line capable of providing voltage and current to the units. The VoIP enabled telephones allow calls to be routed over local area networks and the Internet.

In addition to VoIP for inmate telephones, AirGATE has developed an inmate identification system for collect calls using radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled wristbands.

The company plans to test the system for ninety days at the Franklin County correctional facility in Mt. Vernon, Texas. According to data published on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Web site, the state's Correctional Institutions Division allows offenders who demonstrate good behavior to earn one 5-minute collect phone call every 90 days. The calls are monitored and may be made only to approved individuals. The data gives us an idea of the astronomical number of inmate outbound calls made each day and the savings a VoIP-based system deployment offers.

AirGATE will market its VoIP and inmate identification systems through established telephone service providers. AirGATE will receive a portion of collect call charges for use of its technology.

AirGATE Technologies, Inc.


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