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Friday, December 30, 2005

Letter from an Alabama Prisoner

Every so often I get a letter from one of our brothers or sisters currently residing in a dangerously and ILLEGALLY overcrowded Alabama prison on drug charges. They often tell me the story of their demise and beg me to help them.

In January of 2005, while I was attending a conference in Washington D.C., I received a call from a gentleman here in Alabama asking if it would be ok for a female prisoner to write me about her case.
He said she knew of my drug policy work from listening to me and Roberta Franklin on 'The Morning Show',which is popular at all of the prisons within our broadcast area.

I told him of course it would be alright for her to contact me about her case and to please tell her to ask her fellow prisoners with drug cases to do the same.
I looked for a letter in the mail but it never came. As the year progressed and I got busy with other projects this case soon slipped my mind.

Then yesterday, I received the letter from a prisoner Julia Tutwiler Women's Prison. It is the only female prison in Alabama.

What I read made me sick.
99 years for maybe thinking about committing a drug crime?
99 years?

Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.
Who would have ever thought America would do this to her own people?

Our ancestors have fought and died all across the globe in order to secure our precious freedoms. They did not die so that we would have to piss in cups on demand, allow dogs to sniff our most private parts on demand, sans-resistance, or so that we could imprison our own citizens for a goddamn "thought-crime" which today translates to any opinion contrary to that of the oppressive federal government.

If you are a supporter of this drug war which destroys so many lives, then you are a traitor to our country. A shame and a disgrace to the memory of those who have fought and died so that this great country might be free. You are the ones who really, truly belong behind bars.

If you do not support the drug war, but do nothing to stop it and it's devastating erosion of our constitutional rights and civil liberties, then you are no better than those who openly support and carry out this ILLEGAL WAR on the American people.

If you are doing your part to end this madness then I salute you, My Fellow American. You are a True Patriot to the United States of America.


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