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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Medical ‘pot’ veto attacked

Pawtucket Times, RI

In his veto message, Carcieri said the effect of the legislation would be to "make marijuana more available to children in Rhode Island." He also said the bill’s definition of illness that would qualify a person to receive medical marijuana is overly broad.

At a press conference Monday beneath the billboard, Rep. Thomas Slater, the author of the House bill confidently predicted an override

"The Speaker (of the House William Murphy) has given his word that he will take a vote on it," Slater told The Times.

Murphy himself was a bit more vague, saying through spokesman Larry Berman: "The leadership is committed to making all efforts to pass Representative Slater’s legislation."

It takes 45 votes for the House to override a veto, the medical marijuana bill got 52 votes in the House when it originally passed.


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