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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Medical marijuana activist forced to leave country

Globe and Mail, Canada
Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Vancouver -- The Canada Border Services Agency has informed medical marijuana activist Steve Kubby and his family that they must leave the country by Thursday, or face a forcible removal.

Mr. Kubby, his wife Michele and their two daughters were informed of the deadline yesterday in a fax sent to their home in Sun Peaks. Last Friday, Mr. Justice Yvon Pinard of the Federal Court of Canada turned down a request by the family for an emergency stay of the removal order.

Mr. Kubby, 59, suffers from a rare form of adrenal cancer and has used marijuana for a number of years to control his condition. He faces a jail sentence of at least 120 days in northern California as a result of a 2001 conviction for possessing a small amount of mescaline and psilocin.

Mr. Kubby said yesterday that he is prepared to fly to San Francisco on Thursday and surrender to authorities. "I have always complied with the law. I am tired of being intimidated because I am using medical cannabis to say alive. If it comes down to having a big face-off in California, then bring it on," he said.

Mr. Kubby said his wife will travel separately with their children, so their daughters will not have to see him taken into custody if he is arrested upon arrival in California.


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