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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Injured Dallas officers released from hospital

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Three of four Dallas police tactical officers shot while serving a warrant have been released from Parkland Memorial Hospital, police said Thursday afternoon.

The fourth, Senior Cpl. Dale Hackbarth, will be kept overnight for observation, according to a statement from Senior Cpl. Max Geron, a police spokesman.

The four were wounded about 7 a.m. Thursday at a home in south Dallas, said Senior Cpl. Donna Hernandez, a police spokeswoman.

Released from Parkland on Thursday were Senior Cpl. Adolfo Perez, Senior Cpl. Harry Deltufo and Sgt. Ken Wilkins. The officers were shot with a handgun, Geron said.

The incident occurred at 1228 Oak Park Drive, near South Polk Street. Senior Cpl. Jamie Kimbrough said a tactical team pulled up to the house in an armored vehicle and announced through a public address system that they were there to serve a drug warrant.

Someone fired at the officers from the house, and the officers returned fire, Kimbrough said. The armored vehicle moved between the house and the officers to protect them.

Officers fired a chemical agent into the house, and four people ran out, she said. One was taken to Methodist Hospital with injuries. The others were taken to the police department for questioning.

Kimbrough would not release the name of the chemical agent fired into the house. She said she did not know how many people fired on police and she did not have more details about the warrant.

All the officers were wearing protective vests, and none suffered life-threatening injuries, according to broadcast reports. Police had closed off the area, and it was unclear whether the shots were fired from a house or an apartment complex.

The Texas Tactical Police Officers Association


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