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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Records: Man begged for his life

Ludmilla Lelis
Orlando Sentinel, FL

DAYTONA BEACH -- On the night he died, the 53-year-old homeless man tried to plead with his attackers, according to newly released records.
Five teenagers were arrested in connection with Roberts' slaying, at a campsite in the woods near Holly Hill.
Several of them smoked marijuana, according to the interviews.
Spurgeon, during his interview with police, offered some insight into why Roberts was killed. "I guess we were too high, and acted stupid," he said. "I wasn't trying to kill him. I just wanted to hit him."

Yep, I know pot always gives me an uncontrollable urge to murder homeless folks. In fact, that's the only reason I smoke it. Sometimes I might get some low-potency pot that only makes me feel like maybe slapping around some guy who is behind on his rent. But give me some good stuff and it's Look Out Homeless!


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