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Thursday, February 02, 2006

UAPB Police Officer Arrested on Drug Charges


Pine Bluff -

A UAPB police officer is arrested on drug charges after authorities raid four Pine Bluff homes simultaneously. The police officer along with four others was arrested as a result of Wednesday night's drug raids.

The Tri-county Drug Force, the Pine Bluff Police Department, and the National Guard all teamed up to conduct the raids. Officers broke down doors and busted out windows as a National Guard helicopter flew overhead lighting the area. Flash grenades were thrown into the properties where police were serving search warrants.

Undercover police officers bought drugs at each of the homes before Wednesday night's raids, including from where the UAPB officer was arrested.

Police found several thousands of dollars in cash, illegal weapons, and drugs inside the homes, including rocks of what appears to be crack cocaine. Some were as big as three inches in diameter.

The UAPB police officer has been charged with possession with intent to deliver and simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms.


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