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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Former Memphis Police Officer Accused of Breaking Man's Leg

Eyewitness News Memphis, USA

It all went down in on September 19, 2004. According the lawsuit, Jonathon Palazola and his sister went to an East Memphis McAlister's Deli for dinner. He paid for the meal with what the management thought was a fake $100 bill. The suit says Palazola was given his change, but police were called. Officer Patrick Joynt responded.

According to court papers, "... By the time that officer Joynt arrived at the McAlister's, employees from McAlister's had already determined that the one hundred dollar bill presented was not conterfeit."

That wasn't the end of it. According to the suit, officer Joynt asked Mr. Palazola to come out to the parking lot to be searched at his cruiser.

Once at the cruiser, Officer Joynt is accused of taking his keys, wallet and cash.

The suit claims "...the cash money taken by Officer Joynt from Mr. Palazola was never booked into evidence or returned." But after the pat down, the suit says Officer Joynt's behavior got worse and Palazola was ordered to get into Joynt's squad car. Before Mr. Palazola got into the cruiser, he called out to his sister who was still in the restaurant and that's when Officer Joynt allegedly took him and threw him to the ground.

His personnel file shows Officer Joynt has a long history of misconduct 14 automobile accidents, 6 charges of excessive force and sexual battery.

Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin was not available for comment.

Joynt was fired by the department a year ago. Last October, he was charged with stealing $12,000 from what he thought was a drug dealer's hotel room. The money was actually put there by government agents.

Patrick Joynt is also named in another lawsuit. A woman accuses him of sexually assaulting her during a bogus traffic stop.

Yet another headline talking about a "former police officer" who wasn't actually "former" until he was fired for the crimes described in the article.


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