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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Leaders Ask Questions About Officer's Traffic Stop, IA

DES MOINES, Iowa -- City leaders in West Des Moines and Des Moines are asking questions about a months-old traffic stop involving police officers from both cities.

The traffic stop happened in September, but it was just disclosed publicly Thursday.

On Friday, leaders in both cities asked questions.

"I'm not quite sure why this happened, and I guess I would want to have more information," said Loretta Sieman, a West Des Moines council member.

Sieman said a West Des Moines officer may not have violated policy, but she's concerned about how the public may perceive a Sept. 22 freeway traffic stop involving off-duty Des Moines narcotics Officer Stewart Drake.

West Des Moines police said one of its officers clocked Drake at 99 mph in an unmarked Des Moines police car.

Authorities said the officer said he observed signs that Drake had been drinking.

The officer did not issue Drake a ticket or test him for drinking. Instead, he called a Des Moines police supervisor, who took Drake home.

Des Moines Police Chief Bill McCarthy suspended Drake for two days and took away his take-home police car.


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