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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Senate committee approves medical marijuana bill


A Florida stockbroker testified before a Minnesota Senate committee, urging lawmakers to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Then he stepped outside the Capitol and lit up a joint.

For 53-year-old Irvin Rosenfeld, it was perfectly legal.

Rosenfeld suffers from a rare bone disease and is one of a handful of people left in a federal program that supplies him regularly with free marijuana.

He said marijuana's anti-inflammatory properties have prevented tumor growths on his bones.

After hearing from Rosenfeld, the Senate Crime Prevention and Public Safety Committee approved the medical marijuana bill on a 6-to-5 party-line vote, with DFL'ers in support and Republicans opposed.


  • Did you know that child protective services runs this racket that forces moms to go to programs paid for with your tax dollars to "cure marijuana addiction? "

    I feel very strongly about this subject for a very good reason: I was once ordered to remove four small children from the home of their grandmother where they were staying along with their mother and father This order was to be carried out at around three o'clock in the morning in a housing project in Rockaway, Queens.

    While my partner and I objected prior to being sent out and also from the scene we were not heard.

    These children were not in any imminent danger and there was no court order to remove them.

    We took them away from their mother, who had admitted to smoking marijuana on New Year's Eve and their grandmother who did not smoke marijuana and kept an orderly if crowded home that lacked for nothing the children needed.

    We called back to our supervisor Ramon Vargas who said that he consulted with Celia Garrett our manager and that she had told him that "she doesn't want to hear it. Tell them to remove them.God Help the Children of The Poor (Eugene Weixel)

    In looking at the records later I learned that the same grandmother's home from which they were removed became their foster home.

    I complained to ECS Director Joycelin Jean-Philippe about this in writing and was thanked for doing so. I vowed at that time never to be an instrument of blind stupid cruelty again, no matter who ordered me to do it
    I do not advocate marijuana use. I do advocate that people not be imprisoned and not have their children taken from them simply for the use of marijuana. Let's free the hundreds of thousands of marijuana prisoners who have harmed no person and let's take the power to force people into "drug treatment for marijuana" under the coercive threat of child removal away from the government!

    By Blogger Eugene Weixel, at 12:16 AM  

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