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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Frat raid upsets VU students

By Jon Seidel
Gary Post Tribune, IN

Students were already irritated by a plan to put campus police officers on student escort vans, which they say could lead drunken students to get behind a wheel instead of taking the sober ride.

Now, fraternities are organizing after Sigma Pi members said police entered their house with guns drawn early Saturday morning, telling the people inside they had seen drug use through the window.

Sigma Pi member Matt Arvin said he heard someone knocking at the door of his fraternity house Saturday morning.

When he answered, he said, he saw an officer.

“He had his gun already drawn,” Arvin said.

Arvin said he put his hands in the air and got down on his knees, following the officer’s commands.

But he said he wasn’t down far enough for the officer.

“He kicked me in the back to throw me down on the ground,” Arvin said.

Police searched the house, members said, but found nothing and made no arrests.


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