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Sunday, April 23, 2006


The Media Line, NY

The United States government is opening a permanent office of its Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Dubai, in an attempt to clamp down on the drug trade in the rich emirate, and also assist with the war on terror.

According to Khaleej Times, DEA chief Karen Tandy said the new office will open in 2006 as part of the agency’s war against drug traffickers and their possible links to international terrorist organizations.

The Dubai office will liaise between DEA agents in the U.S. and officers in other areas such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. They will also assist police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with drug investigations.

Until now, DEA investigations involving the region have been run from its office in Islamabad, Pakistan.

According to the report, the UAE has allegedly become an appealing target of drug gangs as a gateway for transporting drugs to Europe and the U.S. A large amount of the drugs originates from Afghanistan, which is the world’s number one producer of opium poppy.

The new Dubai office will also offer support to the U.S.’s war on terror. Tandy said nearly half of the groups designated as foreign terrorist organizations by the U.S. have possible ties to the narcotics trade.

The Missing Girls of Iraq
Time Magazine
Saturday, Apr. 22, 2006
The man on the phone with the 14-year-old Iraqi girl called himself Sa'ad. He was calling long distance from Dubai and telling her wonderful things about the place. He was also about to buy her.


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