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Friday, April 21, 2006

PTA Convention Update

Dear All,

The PTA Candidates forum went extraordinarily well today. I would write up an article on it but I am too tired.

I left Huntsville around 2 pm and around 3:30 when I hit HWY 280 in Birmingham it was a PARKING LOT as HWY 280 always is at that time of day. We really need to put up a bypass or something. It is maddening to spend two hours of a day driving what amounts to no more that say 4 miles.
I decided to pull off at HQ and wait a couple hours for the traffic to thin out.

Then, about the time I was ready to head to the house a flood let loose and it has been awful weather ever since. I have made camp at a nice hotel and am enjoying a little wine as a reward to myself for a job well done.

WHen I get home tomorrow I will upload the video for all to watch.
Until them you can keep an eye on WAFF and WHNT as they may post video snippets. Tomorrow's Huntsville Times will also have an article about the event today in which I should have an excellent quote about the complete lack of Republican representation at this event and at the Alabama Conference of Black Mayors back in March.

Stay tuned...


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