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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Video boosts Taser lawsuit, attorney says

Ashland City Times, TN

Police officers and paramedics failed to act with urgency when they responded to the scene of an uncooperative man who was shocked repeatedly with Taser stun guns and later died, a lawyer representing the dead man's family said yesterday after viewing a video of the incident.

The surveillance video, made public by police yesterday, captured the parking lot outside of the downtown nightclub Mercy Lounge, where Patrick Lee was restrained by police officers after being thrown out of the business for bizarre behavior in September.

Lee, 21, was shocked up to 19 times with Tasers and died two days later of a condition known as excited delirium. Marijuana and LSD were found in his system.

The officer said Lee was acting aggressively, removed his shirt and ran 40-50 yards, prompting police to use pepper spray. Officers later used batons and the Tasers.

This kid just needed a friend to talk him down a little bit. He didn't deserve to be burned, bludgeoned and electrocuted.
Patrick Lee's father, Earl Bud Lee, co-wrote "Friends in Low Places" which was a hit for Garth Brooks.


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