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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gunshot discharges as deputies force entry during drug raid

By Vickie Welborn
Shreveport Times, LA

LOGANSPORT -- A DeSoto Parish sheriff's deputy accidentally discharged his weapon Tuesday while assisting Tri-Parish Drug Task Force members with the arrest of a drug suspect, Chief Deputy Pat Cobbs said.

The deputy, whom Cobbs would not name until the investigation is complete, received a scratch to his arm and tear in his shirt but otherwise was not injured, nor was anyone else inside the residence in the 200 block of Park Street.

Task force agents and sheriff's deputies were armed with a warrant when they forced their way into the residence from which drugs were suspected of being sold. The gun was fired as the deputy attempted to regain his footing after his shirtsleeve caught on a hook on the door, Cobbs said.

"He was loosing the grip on his gun as he tried to regain his footing. The shot went down into a mattress. It was a downward shot. No one else was in the room," Cobbs said.


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