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Friday, April 28, 2006

UA students arrested in drug bust

Four charged after police raid frat houses Tuesday night
By Ellen Burke
Contributing Writer
The University of Alabama Crimson White, AL
April 28, 2006

Police raided two UA fraternity houses and arrested four students Tuesday night after police said the students sold marijuana to undercover officers over a one-week period from inside the houses.

Andrew Bowman, Dewey Belcher, Tyler Stapp and Bryan Traywick were each charged with counts of unlawful distribution of marijuana, said Capt. Jeff Snyder of the Tuscaloosa police, leader of the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force. Snyder didn't say how much marijuana was seized. There were no trafficking charges, indicating that the amount was less than 2.2 pounds.

Their charges are also enhanced because the distribution took place near the University. Under Alabama law, five years of prison time can be added to the two-to-20 year penalty for unlawful distribution.

In addition to one count of selling near a school, Traywick was also charged with possession of marijuana in the first degree. Bowman, Belcher and Stapp were each charged with two counts of selling near a school, and Bowman also with possession of marijuana in the second degree.

Belcher is a sophomore majoring in general business administration and Stapp is a junior majoring in operations management and marketing, according to their profiles.


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