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Monday, May 22, 2006

Congratulations to Soares for speaking out

Albany Times Union, NY
Letter to the Editor

It would seem like the only thing more dangerous than possessing small quantities of drugs is speech designed to provoke an intelligent discussion about drug policy.

You won't get that from Albany Police Chief James Tuffey or Albany County Sheriff James Campbell or, I'm afraid, from the Times Union. The mere suggestion that the violence inherent in drug prohibition has parallels to that of alcohol prohibition, or that the prohibition inflates the cost of drugs, which leads to the commission of crime for their purchase, immediately brings forth denunciation of the speaker.

I wonder how many prominent and influential people are silenced on this issue, intimidated by the political correctness and the hysteria over the fearful dangers to their children.

Wake up! The drug war is a failure; the very things you fear are here and they are made worse, driven by the "war on drugs."

I'm sure thousands of people know this be true, but unless hundreds speak out, the dozens with the courage to do so will be drowned out by those who fear an honest debate.

Congratulations to David Soares for speaking out. May he not be intimidated.

WILLIAM P. McMILLEN, Libertarian Party Chairman, Albany Chapter


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